Professional plexiglas mounting makes your artwork and photos stand out. This exceptional application for permanent indoor displays gives images a sculptural quality that will enhance any corporate environment, sales office, or museum display. In this process the front (and, optionally, the back) of the photo is adhered to either 1/8" or 1/4" plexiglass. This provides a very rigid, glossy finish for long-lasting protection.

  • Photograph being adhered behind 1/4" plexiglass.
  • Protective film being peeled from plexiglass.
  • View of the back of the plexiglass display, showing sintra frame and 45-degree cleat for wall mounting.
  • Pleximount cleat being prepared for easy wall installation. Final pleximount display projects more than 1" from the wall due to 3/4” cleat and the thickness of the plexiglass and sintra.
  • Detail showing pleximount from front with white sintra backing visible at left.
  • Final installation of pleximount on wall.




In addition to offering a "cleat" or "Z-Bar" mounting
system shown at left, Taylor Photo also offers a
stand-off system shown above. The stand-off mounts
come in a variety of diameters, depths, and finishes.
Please contact us for additional information.